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October 17th, 2014

Behind The Shot: “The Intruder – Great Egret Among Scarlet Ibises” by Mario Davalos P. – Caroni Swamp, Trinidad

Posted By David Alexander Willis
Thousands of Scarlet Ibises roost in the same spot at Caroni Swamp , in the island of Trinida, and a lone Great Egret seem highly out of place among them.
I had been in the northern mountain range of Trinidad for four days already and I kept hearing about Caroni Swamp and the roosting of the scarlet ibises. I had seen illustrations of the birds on flags, the Trinidad and Tobago coat of arms and promotional materials, but I had never seen a scarlet ibis … 
September 23rd, 2014

Summer Travel Assignment Winner Doug Croft

Posted By Ashley Myers-Turner
'Kleine Scheidegg' by Doug Croft
Congrats to Doug Croft for winning the Summer Travel Assignment! “We took a tour through the Alps in June 2014 and had only a very short time in the Berner Oberland, Switzerland. We knew that thunderstorms were expected for the afternoon so we were on the lifts early to get to the Panorama Trail from Männlichen … 
August 20th, 2014

Photo of the Day by Susan Taylor

Posted By Ashley Myers-Turner
'Sawtooth Range Morning Reflection' by Susan Taylor
Capturing Mt. McGowan reflected in Stanley Lake, today’s Photo of the Day was submitted to the Your Favorite Places Gallery by Susan Taylor. “Stanley Lake with Mt McGowan is truly a spectacular area to photograph and explore amongst the Sawtooth Range National Forest in Idaho. It was awesome to be able to camp right along … 
August 19th, 2014

Twilight Assignment Winner Christopher Fridley

Posted By Ashley Myers-Turner
'Mt. Hood Sunset' by Christopher Fridley
Congratulations  to Christopher Fridley for winning the Twilight Assignment! “On a photo road trip in July 2014 down to the Mount Hood, Oregon region to explore the areas’ lakes, trails, waterfalls and Mt Hood itself, my wife and I spent our anniversary evening among about twenty other photographers gathered at the shoreline of the lake. … 
August 12th, 2014

Lazy Summer Days Assignment Winner Gerry Groeber

Posted By Ashley Myers-Turner
'TheField' by Gerry Groeber
Congrats to Gerry Groeber for winning the Lazy Summer Days Assignment! “I originally set out to capture the setting sun in line with the rows of a cornfield in June 2014. I had scoped out this location in Mesa, AZ, several day before. When the clouds were right, I drove to the location, but was … 
August 5th, 2014

Behind The Shot: “Tenderness” by Roberto Dutesco – Sable Island, Southeast of Halifax, Nova Scotia

Posted By David Alexander Willis
Photograph of a stallion and mare nuzzling from a book called The Wild Horses of Sable Island off the coast of Nova Scotia
This shot was done in 1994 on Sable Island. It was June, and I was there for a couple of days. This was my very first experience on Sable Island. I went there with a limited knowledge of what to expect and what I encountered was a lot of love and a lot of affection, … 
August 4th, 2014

Brooks, Streams & Rivers Assignment Winner Joe Rossi

Posted By Ashley Myers-Turner
'Lower Falls' by Joe Rossi
Congratulations to Joe Rossi for winning the Brooks, Streams & Rivers Assignment! “I was at Yellowstone National park in June 2014 to photograph a Half-Marathon. It’s become tradition that one of the nights before a race we get out and do a bit of night photography. This time in bear-country! This particular trip found us … 
August 3rd, 2014

Chris Burkard’s ‘A Gallery for Ants’

Posted By Ashley Myers-Turner
'A Gallery For Ants'
  This weekend, we caught up with Landscape and Adventure photographer Chris Burkard at the opening of his “A Gallery for Ants, The World’s Smallest Curated Art Gallery” exhibit at the Shorebreak Hotel in Huntington Beach, Calif., during the U.S. Open of Surfing. Over the past several months, Burkard has been shooting photos on his … 
August 1st, 2014

Luminous Endowment for Photographers Provides Grants

Posted By Ashley Myers-Turner
The Luminous Endowment for Photographers
MICHAEL REICHMANN, FOUNDER OF THE LUMINOUS LANDSCAPE, CREATES THE LUMINOUS ENDOWMENT FOR PHOTOGRAPHERS Endowment Will Offer Grants to Support Photography Projects Worldwide INDIANAPOLIS, August 1, 2014 — Michael Reichmann, founder of The Luminous Landscape, Inc., the world’s largest web site devoted to the fine art and craft of photography, today formally announced The Luminous Endowment for Photographers. Its … 
July 29th, 2014

Abstract Assignment Winner Dean Cobin

Posted By Ashley Myers-Turner
'Pools of Gold' by Dean Cobin
Congrats to Dean Cobin for winning the Abstract Assignment! “Harriman State Park is one of the premier locations for landscape photography in New York State and simply spectacular in the fall with its abundance of sugar maple and oak trees in vibrant shades of red, orange and gold. The lakes are also filled with water …