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August 29th, 2010

Big and Small

Posted By Kevin Schafer
Polar Bear on pack ice, 90 degrees N.
This polar bear approached our ship and stayed with us for nearly an hour. During that time, I took dozens of shots with my long lenses, straining for close-ups, as if full-frame bears were somehow the gold standard. I had to force myself, in fact, to put away the big glass and try and capture …
August 19th, 2010

To Bear Island

Posted By Kevin Schafer
Polar Bear on Pack Ice, 81 degrees North
Winter is coming to the Arctic: the tundra has turned a brilliant gold, the seabirds are heading south, and the mountains are already white with new snow. ¬†But the polar bears are happy – the sea ice will soon form again, and seals will once again be on the menu. The pack ice has retreated …
August 14th, 2010

From 80 degrees North

Posted By Kevin Schafer
Polar Bear on ice, Svalbard
I am mid-way through a trip through Arctic Svalbard, and this is the only chance I’ve had to log on at this latitude. ¬†Fascinating trip – and shocking. The sea ice that normally cloaks this archipelago is at the lowest extent for August that I have seen in 25 years, an ominous sign for polar …