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March 4th, 2015

Behind The Shot: “Atlantic Puffins of Iceland” by Kate Garibaldi — East Fjords, Iceland

Posted By Kristan Ashworth
"Puffin With Fish" by Kate Garibaldi
Perched on the edge of the Arctic Circle is a Nordic island country that’s almost as well known for its tumultuous Viking history as it is for its ethereal volcanic landscape. Geologically young and full of promise, Iceland is appealing to nature photographers for the latter. What many overlook, however, is that Iceland is also …
October 18th, 2013

Wonders of Iceland: The Puffins of Dyrhólaey

Posted By Ian Plant
"Flight of Whimsy" - Dyrhólaey, Iceland
Dyrhólaey is a promontory reaching out into the ocean on the south coast of Iceland, near the town of Vik. The cliffs of Dyrhólaey stand almost 400 feet high, and include an enormous sea arch and numerous nearby rock pillars and sea stacks. Many nesting birds make Dyrhólaey their summer home, including fulmars, guillemots, razorbills, …
April 27th, 2011

In the Company of Puffins

Posted By Kevin Schafer
Atlantic Puffin carrying nest material, Scotland
It’s hard to pick a personal favorite bird – there are so many wonderful birds around the world – but I’d have to say that Puffins are right up there on the list. As with penguins, everything Puffins do seem simultaneously adorable and slightly ridiculous – like this fellow carrying grass back to line his …