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November 24th, 2014

Behind The Shot: “The End” by Ryan Dyar – Hilo, Island of Hawaiʻi, Hawaii

Posted By David Alexander Willis
Hawaiian lava flowing into the ocean creating mist spray against the surf
When good friend Miles Morgan and I embarked on our trip to Hawaii to photograph the lava flows, I spent the long flight day-dreaming of what was in store over the next several days. Beautiful beaches, warm air, good food, getting to shoot with my favorite people, more food, epic landscapes, food, etc, food, etc. …
December 16th, 2013

Behind The Shot: ‘Cruel Summer’ by Ryan Dyar – Grand Park, Mount Rainier National Park, Washington

Posted By David Alexander Willis
Northeast side of Mount Rainier taken from Grand Park with wildflowers in the foreground and sunset in the background - focus stacking four exposures composite in Photoshop CS6
Wildflowers, Mount Rainier, and a beautiful sunset. How grand a scenario, right? Well Grand Park, pictured here on Rainier’s northeast side, was less grand than we had hoped it’s name portrayed. Don’t get me wrong, it’s an absolutely beautiful area.. but from a picky photographer’s standpoint, it doesn’t quite earn it’s moniker. Or maybe I’m …