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June 17th, 2014

Behind The Shot: “Detail of Panther Creek Falls” by Michel Hersen – Columbia River Gorge, Gifford Pinchot National Forest, Washington

Posted By David Alexander Willis
Surreal nature photograph of Panther Creek Falls in Columbia River Gorge, Washington, with moss trees and waterfalls
Panther Creek Falls is a complicated waterfall structurally that plunges over two steps to the valley floor from 69 to 102 feet. Albeit one of the most impressive waterfalls in the Northwest in the Columbia Gorge in Washington, for some reason it is not well known to the general public, perhaps because of its remote … 
October 14th, 2013

Behind The Shot: ‘Jellyfish in Browning Pass’ by David Hall – Vancouver Island, British Columbia

Posted By David Alexander Willis
Moon jellyfish (Aurelia labiata) and cross jellyfish (Mitrocoma cellularia) near Browning Passage off the northern tip of Vancouver Island. Look carefully and you can see the dive boat waiting to pick me up. Browning Pass, Queen Charlotte Strait, British Columbia
After many years of diving and photographing marine life in tropical water around the world, I decided to explore the photographic potential that existed in cold temperate water, focusing my efforts mainly on the pristine coastal waters of British Columbia, Canada. Eventually, those efforts resulted in the publication of a book, Beneath Cold Seas: The … 
September 25th, 2013

Behind The Shot: ‘Walking The Bike’ by Clint Trahan – Whistler, British Columbia

Posted By David Alexander Willis
Sam Reynolds Whistler British Columbia Crankworx Red Bull Joyride house overhead shot fisheye Canon (Photo by Clint Trahan/ShutterDreams)
This image of Sam Reynolds was shot in Whistler, British Columbia during the Crankworx Red Bull Joyride on August 18, 2013. When setting it up, I looked at the surroundings, the overcast weather, and what the clouds were doing. I made the decision to capture some images from angles not being covered by the sea …