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February 17th, 2016

Photo Of The Day By Melissa Machonis

Posted By Kristan Ashworth
Photo by Melissa Machonis
Today’s Photo Of The Day is “Crashing Waves” by Melissa Machonis. Location: Florida. “I come to this spot a couple of times of year as it is one of the few places in Florida that has rocks on the ocean,” Machonis explains. “This time, there was a tropical storm out in the ocean, which made …
November 7th, 2015

Photo Of The Day By Susan Taylor

Posted By Kristan Ashworth
Photo By Susan Taylor
Today’s Photo Of The Day is “Yosemite National Park Light Show” by Susan Taylor. “This one has a story . . . Was it worth it? said Taylor. “Well, I was pretty tired after spending a sleepless but spectacular night in Yosemite while counting over 50+ strikes of thunder and lightning (some 2 miles away) …
July 23rd, 2015

Photo Of The Day By Theresa Ditson

Posted By Kristan Ashworth
"Center Stage" by Theresa Ditson
  Today’s Photo of the Day was shot on a Nikon D810 with a Nikkor 24-70mm by Theresa Ditson. “The night I took this photo was unusually cool for a typical mid-summer night in Arizona,” said Ditson. “Of course, it didn’t help my temperature that I had already been saturated by the rains, having shot …
June 15th, 2015

Photo of the Day by Rick Furmanek

Posted By Ashley Myers-Turner
'Summer Rains' by Rick Furmanek
Today’s Photo of the Day comes from Rick Furmanek. “Ventured out last evening to an area relatively unexplored with my camera – Pinal Peak just southwest of Globe, AZ. The panoramic views of the Sonoran desert below provided a nice opportunity to frame the encroaching weather,” says Furmanek. Photo of the Day is chosen from …
January 30th, 2015

Photo of the Day by Kirk Nix

Posted By Ashley Myers-Turner
'Red Rock After The Storm' by Kirk Nix
Today’s Photo of the Day was submitted to the Your Favorite Places Gallery by Kirk Nix. “This shot was taken at the Red Rock National Recreation Area after a series of storms passed through the area. This was a great sunrise, it had to be seen to be believed. We are finally getting the much …
October 15th, 2014

Better Lucky Than Good Assignment Winner Wendy Gedack

Posted By Ashley Myers-Turner
'The Storms That Shape Us' by Wendy Gedack
Congrats to Wendy Gedack for winning the Better Lucky Than Good Assignment! “As I traveled to Colorado’s San Juan Mountain area in July, 2014, I had planned to photograph the wildflowers in the region.  The monsoon season had arrived in the Rocky Mountains and I was also hoping to capture dramatic clouds and weather.  As …
December 17th, 2013

Photo Of The Day by Dustin Penman

Posted By Christopher Robinson
Stormy Morning by Dustin Penman
Winter weather creates the opportunity for dramatic landscape photography and along the rugged coast of Washington in the Pacific Northwest, Dustin Penman took advantage of conditions to make this brooding image.
September 30th, 2013

Behind The Shot: ‘Grand Canyon Light Show’ by Rolf Maeder – Moran Point, Arizona

Posted By David Alexander Willis
Long extended exposure of Moran Point overlooking the Grand Canyon in Arizona with multiple lightning strikes over the rim of the valleys in the distance
On August 30th, my friends Scott Stulberg, Holly Kehrt (both wonderful photographers) and I were driving from Sedona to the Grand Canyon to get some sunset shots. After a short time being there, we noticed that we couldn’t get what we wanted because of the very hazy light. So we decided to return to Sedona, …
September 19th, 2013

Photo Of The Day by Steve Perry

Posted By Christopher Robinson
After The Storm by Steve Perry
Steve Perry’s photography has been recognized several times as the OP Photo Of The Day. He sent this image, called After The Storm to the Summer Landscapes Assignment. Perry tells the story of getting this shot in the Smoky Mountains, “This is from one of my favorite overlooks in Smoky Mountains National Park….
July 25th, 2013

Photo Of The Day by Erik Perozo

Posted By Christopher Robinson
Road To Rotation by Erik Perozo
Near Broken Bow, Nebraska, Erik Perozo took this dramatic photograph and he submitted it to the Stormscapes Assignment which is open through the 31st of July. When this storm was forming, Perozo saw the potential for the photograph, but he wasn’t in a good position to get the exact shot he wanted.