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December 8th, 2015

Maintenance-Free Underwater Camera Applies The KISS Principle

Posted By Staff
SeaLife’s latest permanently sealed underwater camera, the 16 megapixel Micro 2.0 keeps it simple with no O-rings, a choice of 32GB or 64GB internal memory and USB charging and syncing (even when the camera’s wet). Depth-rated to 200 feet, it’s equipped with a 130-degree fisheye lens to capture still images or video footage of broad …
October 19th, 2015

WILDspeak: Octavio Aburto

Posted By Kristan Ashworth
Photo by Octavio Aburto. A group of juveniles American crocodiles waiting to be release at Isla Concepcion, Chiapas. Local people are focusing their efforts on bringing back the populations of this species that was over-exploited some decades ago.
Octavio Aburto is one of many highly anticipated presenters who will explore how photography and video are impacting conservation efforts around the globe at WILDspeak, November 16, 2015, in Washington D.C. Octavio Aburto is currently assistant professor at Scripps Institution of Oceanography where he earned his Ph.D. He’s coordinating a research program that includes Marine …
May 11th, 2015

Behind The Shot: Swimming With Sharks By Tommi Kokkola—Brothers Islands, Red Sea, Egypt

Posted By Kristan Ashworth
Canon 5D Mark III, Canon 24-70mm f/2.8L, Seacam housing, double Inon Z-240 strobes; 24mm, ISO 320, f/8, 1/200 sec.
Born in Finland, I now live in Taipei, Taiwan, and even though diving is very nice here, there are no longer sharks around as they’ve been fished out for shark fin soup. Environmental protection of seas isn’t sufficient yet, but it’s good to see that the popularity of shark soup is going down due to …
February 10th, 2015

Ricoh Expands Rugged Underwater Series with WG-5 GPS

Posted By Ashley Myers-Turner
Pentax WG-5 GPS
Ricoh has expanded the WG series with their new Pentax WG-5 GPS camera. With a new non-slip grip, the camera body has been upgraded to be waterproof up to 45 feet, shock resistant up to a 7 foot fall, crushproof up to 220 lbs, and freezeproof up to -10 degrees Celsius. The 16 megapixel CMOS …
July 24th, 2014

Off to Isla

Posted By Jason Bradley
Whale shark (Rhincodon typus), Isla Mujeres, Mexico
In two days I leave to Isla Mujeres to co-lead this year’s Wetpixel Whale Shark Expedition with Adam Hanlon of Wetpixel.com.  I’ll be there for two weeks, and we’ll have one group for the first week and another for the second week we are there.  Isla was an incredible experience last year, and I’m very excited …
February 14th, 2014

Blue Assignment Winner Hamid Rad

Posted By Christopher Robinson
By The Jetty by Hamid Rad
Congratulations to Hamid Rad for his underwater photo from the Maldives. It’s the winning image in the Blue Assignemnt. This photo was also the Photo Of The Day on January 28, 2014.
October 3rd, 2013

Hello OP Readers!

Posted By Jason Bradley
Hello world of outdoor photographers!  Please allow me to introduce myself: my name is Jason Bradley.  I’m a nature and underwater photographer based in Monterey, California; I teach workshops in the field and in the classroom on many different topics; I partner with Wetpixel.com to lead expeditions for underwater photographers; I’m a new Focal Press …