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March 25th, 2014

Photo of the Day by Lorenzo Cassina

Posted By Ashley Myers-Turner
'Zen Waters' by Lorenzo Cassina
Today’s Photo of the Day was submitted to the Stillness Assignment by Lorenzo Cassina. By featuring details on a Weston, FL, lake, Cassina elicits an intimate mood within the spectrum of Stillness. The Stillness Assignment is open until midnight tonight, March 25th. Photo of the Day is chosen from various OP galleries, including Assignments, Your Favorite Places and … 
July 23rd, 2013

Photographing Reflections: Beyond the Mirror

Posted By Michael Frye
Creek descending through a granite basin, Yosemite NP. The sun was hitting the rocks just beyond the top of the frame, reflecting the gold color into the water, and even onto some of the polished rocks on the right.
When people think of photographing a reflection, they usually think of a mirror reflection, like a mountain reflected in a tranquil lake. I’ve done my share of those, but I think it’s often more interesting to just look at the colors, textures, and patterns on the water’s surface. During my just-completed Hidden Yosemite workshop we … 
June 5th, 2013

Photo Of The Day by Nathan Firebaugh

Posted By Christopher Robinson
Shine On by Nathan Firebaugh
Today’s Photo Of The Day was taken by Nathan Firebaugh when he was on Tybee Island in Georgia. Firebaugh used a Canon EOS 6D with a Canon 17-40mm f/4L lens. The silhouette of the person on the right is a small detail in the frame, but I think it really makes the shot.  
March 9th, 2012

Breaking Routines

Posted By Michael Frye
Small waterfall in Yosemite Valley, high noon
Everyone develops routines and habits: waking up at the same time every day, eating the same thing for breakfast, taking the same route to work… and on and on. Routines are beneficial in some ways—they help us avoid spending time and energy making small, unimportant decisions every day. In photography, routines can help with the … 
October 25th, 2011

Photographing Moving Water

Posted By Ian Plant
Rough surf, Acadia National Park, Maine
(© Ian Plant) I recently spent a week photographing Acadia National Park in Maine. Although I was drawn there by the gorgeous display of fall color, it is water more than anything else that defines Acadia and ends up being an important element of most photographs of the park. Here are some tips for successfully …