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January 27th, 2015

What to Do When You Take Photos that Suck

Posted By Jay Goodrich
Teton Storm by Jay Goodrich
You may find this hard to believe, but there are times when every photographer struggles with what to do when their photos suck. I struggle with it, Art Wolfe struggles with it, and you can even bet early photographers like Ansel Adams and Henri Cartier-Bresson struggled with it. The difference here is that pros typically … 
November 14th, 2014

FREE CreativeLive Workshop!

Posted By Jay Goodrich
IF YOU ARE IN SEATTLE – JOIN US IN THE STUDIO I’m delighted to be heading back to Seattle to teach a CreativeLive workshop on adventure sports photography. The 2-day course, which you can watch for free while it’s live (from November 20-21), will cover everything from how to effectively compose a compelling image to … 
October 22nd, 2014

A New Website…

Posted By Jay Goodrich
Jay Goodrich Website Homescreen Image
Is just like a new car! Without that new car smell. Unless there is a brand new 5K Retina Display iMac attached to it. Welcome to the NEW jaygoodrich.com After 6 months of design and coding it is finally here! What you see is the largest and most thought-out update to the online presence of … 
June 17th, 2014

It’s Time for a Photography Tune-Up

Posted By Jay Goodrich
Rabbit Portrait Face Eyes Texas
A FREE ebook Download Has your camera been sitting all alone in a dark closet, in a remote location of your house? Neglected. Forgotten about. Allowed to become home to multiple species of arachnids? Did winter send you back into your den for a long, dark hibernation away from the joys of picture taking? A hibernation … 
March 6th, 2014

5 Reasons to Reject an Image

Posted By Jay Goodrich
Horses Grazing Spring Backlit Summer by Jay Goodrich
With the age of digital photography now becoming a mainstream part of society, how do you decide what photos are good to keep and what ones should be thrown in the trash? While we need reasons to reject an image, we don’t necessarily want to form a hypothesis of rules. If you ever take a workshop … 
November 30th, 2013

Namibia, surreal beauty

Posted By Rafael Rojas
A lonely tree stands against the sand dunes in the Namib Naukluft NP, Namibia
This text belongs to the introduction of the e-book “A photographer’s vision: Namibia”, from Rafael Rojas. As a special Xmas gift for all Outdoor Photographer readers, this E-BOOK  can be downloaded FOR FREE during a period of 30 days by using the promo-code “opgift” at the checkout of Rafael Rojas’ website. Get your free e-book … 
June 23rd, 2011

New Workshops – Hawaii and Colorado

Posted By Jay Goodrich
Telluride Colorado Autumn by Jay Goodrich
I am happy to announce two new workshops that I am teaching later this year. Telluride, Colorado, is a town who’s roots date back to the mining era of the 1800’s, it sits at an elevation of 8,750 feet. Mining remained the town’s only industry until 1972, when an entrepreneur by the name of Joseph … 
May 18th, 2011

Rainy Day Photography

Posted By Jerry Monkman
Rainy days are great for saturating colors in a photo.
If you live in the northeastern U.S. like I do, it lately seems as if it rains every day. Bad weather can be less than inspiring for some photographers, but I love it, especially this time of year when wildflowers are blooming, there are fresh leaves on the trees, and mountain streams are chock full … 
March 25th, 2011

Travel Tips to the Edge

Posted By Jay Goodrich
Art Wolfe in China by Jay Goodrich
 Art Wolfe and I are currently traveling throughout China on a 14 day workshop with a group of 10 photographers. While on the flight from Seattle to Shanghai we brainstormed a few ideas to help you prepare for an international trip. These are by no means everything you need to think about but it … 
October 22nd, 2010

2011 Workshops, and Fall Color in Yosemite Valley

Posted By Michael Frye
Big-leaf maples along Southside Drive Thursday afternoon
The Ansel Adams Gallery just opened their 2011 workshops for registration. I’ll be teaching five classes for them next year, including a Photoshop and Digital Printing workshop in January, my Hidden Yosemite workshop in July, and a new two-day night photography workshop in August. Visit my workshop page to see the complete list. Hope to …