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November 19th, 2013

Courting Luck, Part 2: Adapting Your Composition to the Conditions

Posted By Michael Frye
Half Dome and the Merced River, late afternoon, autumn, Yosemite NP, CA, USA
Is it better to be active or static? To change your location and composition to suit the light, or hope that the light changes to suit your composition? There’s this persistent myth that Ansel Adams would camp for days at one spot, waiting for the right light. Ironically, this myth is often repeated in relation …
November 14th, 2013

Courting Luck: How to Take Advantage of Special Light and Weather in Landscape Photography

Posted By Michael Frye
Half Dome and the Merced River, late afternoon, autumn, Yosemite NP, CA, USA
Ansel Adams used to say that “chance favors the prepared mind.” His point was that photographs like Moonrise Hernandez and Clearing Winter Storm weren’t lucky accidents; he was able to capture those moments because he had honed his eye and his photographic technique, and was able to apply those skills when a special opportunity presented …
August 6th, 2013

Light Against Dark, Dark Against Light

Posted By Michael Frye
Dogwood blossoms, Yosemite. These backlit flowers stand out cleanly against a dark, shaded background.
Many of the most effective photographs share a simple lighting concept: they either place a light subject against a dark background, or a dark subject against a light background. This first photograph of two dogwood blossoms is a perfect example of a light subject against a dark background. In fact the background isn’t just dark; it’s completely black, so there’s nothing to compete visually with the flowers. The contrast creates a simple and dramatic image.
July 23rd, 2013

Photographing Reflections: Beyond the Mirror

Posted By Michael Frye
Creek descending through a granite basin, Yosemite NP. The sun was hitting the rocks just beyond the top of the frame, reflecting the gold color into the water, and even onto some of the polished rocks on the right.
When people think of photographing a reflection, they usually think of a mirror reflection, like a mountain reflected in a tranquil lake. I’ve done my share of those, but I think it’s often more interesting to just look at the colors, textures, and patterns on the water’s surface. During my just-completed Hidden Yosemite workshop we …
July 18th, 2013

National Parks Assignment Winner Kristal Leonard

Posted By Christopher Robinson
Winter Moonrise Over Half Dome Yosemite by Kristal Leonard
National Parks Assignment Winner Kristal Leonard’s photo of Half Dome by moonlight was the result of seeing the potential for a photo then persevering through several frustrating attempts to get the photograph.
June 11th, 2013

Shawn Reeder’s Incredible Yosemite Range Of Light Film

Posted By Christopher Robinson
Yosemite Range Of Light Thumbnail
Shawn Reeder’s Yosemite Range Of Light is an incredible timelapse project that was shot in and around Yosemite National Park.
May 22nd, 2013

Photo of The Day by Phil Hawkins

Posted By Christopher Robinson
Vernal Fall by Phil Hawkins
Phil Hawkins’ photo of Vernal Fall in Yosemite National Park is the Photo Of The Day. It was submitted to the Moving Water Assignment which closed last night. This pool below the fall is unaccessible for much of the year.
April 9th, 2013

Light and Mood With Intimate Landscapes

Posted By Michael Frye
Sunlight slanting across Crane Flat Meadow, Yosemite NP, CA, USA
A Trip to Crane Flat During a recent series of weather systems in Yosemite, I kept checking the radar and satellite images online, looking for an opportunity to photograph a clearing storm. One morning looked promising, so I drove up to Yosemite Valley early, but found no snow. It looked like the snow level had …
December 31st, 2012

A Memorable New Year’s Eve

Posted By Michael Frye
It was 1985 — I think. My fiancé Claudia and I had started working at The Ansel Adams Gallery in Yosemite Valley in September. On New Year’s Eve it snowed, but after dark the storm broke, and a full moon appeared through rifts in the clouds. Someone suggested going cross-country skiing in the moonlight. With …
December 14th, 2012

Photo Critique Series: Visual Flow in a Photograph of Half Dome

Posted By Michael Frye
"Winter Mist Rising Beneath Half Dome," by Vaibhav Tripathi
Here’s another long-awaited installment in my photo critique series. This time we’ll look at a photograph by Vaibhav Tripathi called “Winter Mist Rising Beneath Half Dome,” from my home territory, Yosemite National Park. It’s an interesting study in composition, and directing the viewer’s eye. Light and Weather The light is soft — no direct sunlight …