William Manning Photography Tours And Workshops

William Manning Photography Tours and Workshops


Thank you for taking a moment to read about William Manning Photography Tours and Workshops. I would like to briefly share my background with you and then tell you about my travel programs. Having led photography tours and workshops for over 25 years, I have built my reputation on the promise to my participants to help them not only grow on their technical skills but to also help them to see creatively allowing their photography to become a more expressive and inspiring art. I take pride in this commitment and receive great joy from seeing the progress evident in the daily work of my participants.

Traveling the globe as a professional photographer, my clients hire me to help them find creative solutions for building successful marketing campaigns. In producing thousands of images for the travel industry and for the design and architectural fields, I have developed a reputation beyond beautiful, well-crafted images, but also through my post-processing creativity producing colorful, exciting, fun and thought-provoking photo illustrations.

William Manning Photography Tours and Workshops

I bring all this experience to share with each and every person who travels with me. Through my own success and failures, I know what it takes to create a successful photograph and tell a story with a picture. Every tour and workshop is dedicated to helping each participant grow in their knowledge of photography and developing a critical eye for producing images they are proud to share.

William Manning Photography Tours and Workshops

Both photography tours and workshops begin each day with sunrise on location. Every field session is filled with one-on-one and group discussions. I’ll make my rounds to each and every photographer and talk about their work, discuss their approach and see if refinements can be made to better illustrate their subject. This one-on-one time gives each photographer the opportunity to address specific needs to refine their work. We’ll also come together as a group for talks on equipment, how to approach different situations in the field and how to enhance the creative thought process behind the camera by visualizing your work through post processing. Each day will end behind the camera in that warm early evening light as the sun sets.

(Learn the difference between a photography tour and workshop at www.williammanning.com/travelprograms/) 

William Manning Photography Tours and Workshops

Each photography tour and workshop I embark on, I conduct myself with one philosophy: I'm the teacher and my participants are the student. Each and every program is about the student’s development, not mine. My value is placed on the experience my participants take home with them and share with others.

You’re invited to visit my website at www.williammanning.com/travelprograms/ and take a look at 2017 programs. I encourage you to sign up for my newsletter, where creative tips are shared, stories are told about the behind the scenes of my assignment work and special unadvertised travel offers are posted. Most importantly, I want to meet you and help you grow as a photographer. If you have any questions, please call 513-624-8148 or email at william@williammanning.com.

William Manning Photography Tours and Workshops

Making photography fun and rewarding by focusing on your needs and helping you grow as a photographer.

William Manning Photography Tours and Workshops

Excellence in Travel and Outdoor Photography…. You’re invited to join is in 2017

William Manning Photography Tours and Workshops

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