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Tuesday, September 18, 2012

From Eye Candy To Soul Food

A project that connects photography and what’s right with the world

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One day I thought, "What if there was a place where everyone could go to share their daily visual celebrations?" One central location where we could all meet, no matter what our level of photographic skill or writing ability, and pool the art in our lives into one great collective YES. Imagine the power that would have if enough folks joined in. A beacon of visual light giving permission to others to see the best in their world (rather than the worst); a reservoir of visual beauty to remind us all what an astounding world we live in; a reflection of the magnificence that we photographers see and capture every day.
The more my columns began to uncover my real feelings for photography, the more I saw that the image was really just the residue (beautiful residue, but residue nonetheless) of a deep connection with whatever I was photographing. The goal of my photography was getting a good image; the purpose of my photography was connection.
Am I going off the deep end here? I don't think so.

So here's what I did. I set up a Facebook page called Celebrate What's Right with the World (www.facebook.com/celebratewhatsright). I've asked folks to come and post photos of what they celebrate in their lives, together with a few words of why these images brings them joy. As a little added incentive, every month I choose my favorites, repost them again to the site and send their creator a 10x16 autographed print. At the end of a year, if all goes well, I plan to take all the favorites and publish them as an ebook.

Guess what? Folks are showing up and posting! Warms my heart, it really does. With photos and words, everyday folks are turning eye candy into soul food. Expressing gratitude. Celebrating what's right in the world.

So I'm asking straight out. Come join in and add your words and photos. I guarantee it will be fun, and it could be...okay, I'll say it...huge.

Maybe together we can just go out and change the world—one celebration at a time.

Post your Daily Celebrations on www.facebook.com/celebratewhatsright, or visit Dewitt Jones' celebration website at www.celebratewhatsright.com.

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