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Monday, May 1, 2006

Is Photoshop About Photography?

Is there such a thing as "pure" nature photography? And how does Photoshop fit into that idea?


Is Photoshop About Photography?

Photography has never been able to mimic nature in any "pure" way. Any image, whether film or digital, is an interpretation of nature from the moment of capture. It's our job as photographers, I believe, to interpret nature honestly and accurately, and sometimes that means Photoshop is a necessity in order to get the image right.

Other than the Photoshop reference, this is old news. Andreas Feininger, who photographed for LIFE 50 years ago and wrote many books about photography, said in 1961 (in his book Total Picture Control), "The old adage, 'The camera does not lie,' is not true. Actually, the vast majority of photographs are 'camera lies' in that they don't conform to reality—for example: two-dimensional pictures of three-dimensional subjects, motion studies in the form of 'stills'....


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