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Sunday, April 1, 2007

Get A Move On

Use these techniques to add a feeling of motion to your images

Please Release Me - FijiAs a visual storyteller, I sometimes look at my video-shooting colleagues with more than a little envy. They carry only one camera (albeit a big one) with one zoom lens of incredible range and speed; they not only capture sound, but seem to be able to shoot in pitch-dark conditions as well; and most enviable of all, they can record movement and the passage of time.

It’s a powerful set of tools, but not enough to make me hang up my D-SLR and give up Photoshop for Final Cut Pro. However, it has made me think more, of late, about trying to capture movement in my still images. Still photography’s great strength, traditionally, is freezing, capturing and holding a moment still so we can study it.

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