Tuesday, April 29, 2014


This Mexico jewel is like photographic candy

But they didn't see my tabletop tripod in my bag, so I was still able to do a series of tripod shots that I combined into a time-lapse movie. Next time I go, I'll sling my tripod underneath my vest and see if I can smuggle it in.

Evenings And Festivals. After a day of exploring villages and UNESCO archaeological sites, it's great to go back to a town with such great food. You can combine your culinary interests with your photo desires by catching the dinner/dance show at one of several hotels that offer nightly displays.

Your targets (besides a delicious meal of chicken with mole sauce and a nice margarita or a Corona) are the beautiful dancers who are the centerpiece of these folklore shows. The Guelaguetza dancers have flowing skirts and twirling moves that are custom made for a slow shutter speed treatment. (I find that 1⁄30, 1⁄15 or 1⁄8 sec. provide the best ratio of keepers with usable sharpness and just the right amount of blur.)

Many of these shows are presented in courtyards with second-story balconies, and I love to get up high and shoot down on the spinning dancers. It's a shot that perfectly sums up the energy, the beauty and the magic of Oaxaca.

Bob Krist will be coleading a photo workshop in Oaxaca during the Day of the Dead in October 2014 for the Charleston Photography Workshops. For details, visit their site at


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