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Sunday, July 1, 2007

Scouting Report: Tanzania

Getting the most from a safari demands careful planning given today‚’s baggage restrictions

Photo Traveler: Scouting Report: Tanzania

A photo safari to East Africa is surely one of life’s high points for any wildlife photography enthusiast, and a prime destination for many is the country of Tanzania. Located south of Kenya and including large parts of the Serengeti and the entire Ngorongoro Crater, Tanzania never fails to deliver quality game viewing and photography. The fact that it’s politically stable and environmentally conscious makes it all the more appealing.

Good planning is essential to the success of any safari, especially when taking photos is involved. With airline baggage limitations, especially for domestic or charter flights within Tanzania, getting tighter and tighter, it’s essential to pack the right stuff (and just the right stuff) to have what you need without exceeding the baggage weight limits (at least by too much).

Although international flights usually allow two checked bags of 44 pounds or less, weight restrictions within Tanzania are much more stringent: one 33-pound checked bag and one or two small carry-ons. You can bring more stuff, but the prices for overweight baggage can be a bit steep, ranging up to several dollars per kilo (2.2 pounds), depending on the company (and the mood of the check-in agent). So travel light.


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