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With advice on everything from gear to travel, Solutions helps you make the most of your outdoor photography and solves some of the photographer's most common problems.

Wednesday, September 1, 2004

Quick Support

Achieve stability and speedy access to your camera with this useful gear

Tripods and monopods ensure that the images we create are sharp. The sturdy legs and rugged designs offer a stable plat-form for creating virtually any image. There are moments when we want to quickly change the position of the camera, however, and that’s where special designs and accessories make the difference.

Saturday, May 1, 2004

Getting There And Back Again

Discover how GPS can improve your travel and photography

As often happens when you’re hiking or traveling in new territory, you arrive at a location that’s ideal for photography. Unfortunately, the light isn’t right; it’s heavily overcast, making the scene look flat and unimpressive. Or it’s noon and the overhead sun is doing little to reveal the rich color and textures of a scene. You decide to return to this spot, but how do you make sure that you return to the same place?

Monday, March 1, 2004

Selling Prints For Profits

Help turn your hobby into a business with these basic tips

At some point, photographers consider the possibility of making a living with their cameras. Some turn their passion into a lucrative business while others are enthusiastic about maintaining their amateur status. However, if you’re interested in sharing your images with the world and actually being paid for it, here are some tips for selling fine-art prints to the public.

Thursday, January 1, 2004

Au Natural

Wool is making a comeback in high-tech outdoor garments, but it's not the wool that you remember from your youth

If you’ve shopped for higher-end, outdoor-performance clothing lately, you’ve probably noticed wool garments are making a comeback. We’re not talking about the old scratchy wool clothing that could chaff you like a Brillo® pad, shrunk in all the wrong places and matted like a cheap throw rug in the hallway. After being groomed for the past couple decades on the merits of nylon shells, fleece and polypropylene base layers, outdoor enthusiasts have rediscovered wool—modern wool, that is. These newer natural fabrics have become civilized and rival exotic synthetic apparel for warmth, weather-shedding and breathability.

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