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Monday, May 1, 2006

Functionality Meets Style

Novoflex offers camera supports that are both reliable and attractively designed

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Novoflex offers camera supports that are both reliable and attractively designedWhen it comes to most photographic accessories, the emphasis is often on functionality, yet not far behind that is the matter of style. So while we photographers want tools that help us to create great images, we also appreciate having products that make us look good while we’re doing it. Novoflex definitely knows how to put style into common photographic gear.

Tripods and tripod heads are accessories that could have style. They must deliver stability and control, but it's appreciated when their design is achieved with a bit of panache. The Novoflex D IN O is an example of a head that satisfies both requirements. Made of aluminum alloy, this uniquely styled pan/tilt head is a full two-way head, offering horizontal and vertical orientation from a 90-degree position. By adding a Novoflex Panorama accessory to the top of the D IN O, it becomes a true three-way head.

The design offers smooth panning and tilting, and can be secured with a simple turn of the control knob under the camera. Compatible with a variety of compact and SLR digital cameras, the head includes friction control and 360-degree rotation, making it perfect for creating panoramic images.


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