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Tuesday, May 10, 2011


Use your GPS as a comprehensive location scout and to share images with others

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Garmin Oregon 550t (www.garmin.com): This GPS unit comes with a built-in, 3.2-megapixel digital camera and automatically geotags images. The device has 85 MB of internal memory for photos and accepts microSD memory cards.

Magellan eXplorist 710 United States (www.magellangps.com): This rugged, waterproof GPS unit has a built-in, 3.2-megapixel digital camera and automatically tags photos as you shoot. The unit has 3 GB of internal memory and accepts microSD cards.

Examples Of Geotaggers
Unlike GPS units that have displays on which you can see data in the field, geotaggers just record the data; they don't display it.

Nikon GP-1 (www.nikonusa.com): Attach this geotagger to a compatible Nikon DSLR (most recent ones are compatible), and it automatically geotags your images as you shoot them. Data includes latitude, longitude and altitude.

Red Hen Blue2CAN (www.redhensystems.com): Like the Nikon GP-1 (and compatible with select Nikon DSLRs), the Blue2CAN geotagger tags images as you shoot with latitude, longitude and altitude. It's a two-piece product, with one piece that connects to the camera's 10-pin connector and another that you position so it has line-of-sight to GPS satellites. The second unit transmits data wirelessly to the camera-mounted piece via Bluetooth.

JOBO photoGPS2 (jobo.com): This shoe-mount geotagger records location data as you shoot, but doesn't attach it to the images. That's done in-computer via provided software and an Internet connection to the photoGPS web server.

Sony GPS-CS3KA (www.sonystyle.com): This geotagger saves the GPS data to a Memory Stick or an SD card. You then transfer your photos and the GPS data to your computer, and the provided image-tracker software links the data to the photos.

i-gotU GT-120 Travel & Sports Logger (www.i-gotu.com): This water-resistant geotagger logs location data, then you use the supplied software to sync it with the photos and tag the images.


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