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Tuesday, November 27, 2012

A Rose By Any Other Name...

Many Images, One Frame • Panoramas • Silent All The Time • Camera Dynamic Range • Two Great Winter Breaks

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It's interesting to me that the high dynamic range (HDR) software, either for single or multiple composited captures, raised photographers' expectations for rendition of detailed highlights and shadows to an extent never possible before the advent of digital photography. By shooting three or more exposures of a subject (generally, two stops overexposed, normally exposed and two stops underexposed) and compositing the three images in HDR software, we've achieved extreme dynamic range in our photography, and some of us will never be satisfied again with anything less.

But my tests with the Canon EOS-1D X and Canon EOS 5D Mark III show a greatly expanded dynamic range that gives improved results for single captures, while offering much more detail when postprocessed in a RAW converter software or with Lightroom 4 or Photoshop CS6 to bring back information that seems to be lost in the highlights and the shadows. This means you may not need to use multiple-image HDR as much to capture a contrasty scene; as always, the camera histogram will guide you. In extreme situations, you'll still get better results with three separate exposures composited in out-of-camera software.

Two Great Winter Breaks
I'm teaching at two venerable celebrations of nature photography in February and March of 2013, sponsored by great nature organizations in fabulous locations for photography—one in the Northwest and one in the Southeast.

34th Winter Wings Festival, Klamath Falls, Oregon (February 14-17). This is the nation's longest-running bird festival, and it features a terrific gathering of photographers and birders and an exciting array of instructors and field opportunities. Thanks to sponsorship from Canon USA, I'm key-noting the festival this year and also offering a specialty seminar and a small field workshop. Register early at www.WinterWingsFest.org.

18th Nature Photography Summit & Trade Show, Jacksonville, Florida (February 28-March 3). You won't want to miss the North American Photography Association's great lineup of top nature photographers and field opportunities in one of Florida's best regions for bird photography. Go to www.NaturePhotographySummit.com for details.

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