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Thursday, November 1, 2007

Best Polarizer Techniques

A Polarizing Topic • Digital Duping Vs. Scanning Standards? • Cheaper Presentations

Cheaper Presentations
Having my prints professionally framed is prohibitively expensive. Do you have ideas on wall presentation that’s less costly?
D. Sherman
Charlottesville, Virginia

I’ve been thinking a lot about this issue since my 60-inch Canon iPF9000 printer arrived. I can make really big prints, but it would take a crane to hang them if they were enclosed in glass and wood.

There are less expensive and more creative ways to present images than traditional framing. One I especially like for large prints is to mount the image to gator/foam core with the edges wrapped. This also is a nice way to present triptychs. Or you can leave a white mat around the image and mount it out to the edges of the board. Look for a photographic services business that makes large prints, posters and displays. They’ll likely have the equipment and expertise you need.

If the image looks good on canvas, it offers a number of other presentation options. Canvas can be stretched over a frame or mounted on a gator/foam-core backing. You can glue or stitch the upper and lower edges around a dowel or rod, hang it on the wall from the top and the weight at the bottom pulls the canvas taut.

Lately, my wife and I have been checking out sales of discontinued framed prints at framing stores. Sometimes we find large frames, with nicely cut single or double mats, in unusual shapes. We don’t always have an image we want to put in them right then, but we keep them on hand until the right photograph comes along. Last year, we found an antique frame with carved sunflowers around it. It’s ready and waiting for the right image from our recent shoot in the sunflower fields of Goodland, Kansas.

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