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Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Cross With Purpose

Reflecting On Reflections • The Triggertrap App • Stacked Converters • Autofocus At F/8

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Distance-Lapse. The camera will fire after traveling a set distance. Point it out the car and it fires every time you travel a preset distance; slowing down or speeding up won't affect the interval of pictures. This could be fun!

Seismic. Movement of the phone sets off your camera.

Peekaboo. Using the iPhone's face-recognition capability, you can set off your camera whenever there are faces seen by the iPhone. You even select how many faces before it triggers. Not sure how I'll use this one, unless it recognizes animal faces.

Star Trails. Take a lot of long exposures with a short gap between them. I could have used this a number of times.

HDR. Setting your camera to Bulb, you can take HDRs under low light at a number of settings.

HDR Time-Lapse. This needs to be long-exposure HDRs because your camera has to be set to Bulb.

Tesla. This has something to do with magnetism. If a magnet is moved next to the phone, the camera is set off. Think of a situation like a burglar alarm where when a door is opened, the camera goes off. I didn't know my iPhone had a magnetometer in it.

Motion Detector. The camera in the iPhone takes a picture of the background. When the picture changes a set amount (you set the amount of change), the DSLR takes a picture. How crazy is that?

As you can imagine, this company has been overrun with geeky photographers/iPhone users wanting to combine the two "tools" to accomplish weird photography. I bought into it in a heartbeat! That's a lot of things to do with your iPhone and camera for little additional investment. As an example, if you want to do time-lapse photography with your Canon DSLR, you need an intervalometer (currently $135.99 at B&H). See, I told you the Triggertrap would save you money—really!


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