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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

The Colors Of Snow

Antarctica And Other Snowy Venues • Lost Pixels • Taking The Long Road • Presentation Programs • Photos On The Level

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Presentation Programs
Q I've been asked to give an image program at our camera club. What presentation program do you use for your programs? I'm working with a Windows laptop.
J. Crowe
Los Angeles, California

A All the programs I give on my Mac around the country are presented using Microsoft PowerPoint. A program for Windows that's less expensive and has many great features is ProShow Gold from Photodex. It's at version 4.52 with a cost of $69.95. You can incorporate videos and music, as well as many cool animations to add interest to your show.

Within my main PowerPoint presentation, I typically insert additional programs for variety using Animoto for Windows or Mac and Boinx FotoMagico 3 for Mac. Animoto is a very powerful program: You upload a number of images and music to Animoto's website, and a computer mixes it with stunning animations not normally available to us mere mortal photographers. The program was developed for wedding photographers to market to their clients. I find it works great for outdoor subjects, as well. A free trial version will give you an idea of what it can do. The Plus version is $30 a year; the Pro version runs $249 for unlimited use for 12 months. It's not cheap, but it does amazing things.

Photos On The Level
Q I want to level my tripod for both panoramas and video pans, but there isn't a bubble level on the tripod base. Any suggestions on accomplishing this without buying an expensive new tripod?
K. Burroughs
Via email

A There's an accessory out there from Really Right Stuff (RRS) that should work for you. RRS offers two sizes of Tripod Leveling Plates equipped with a spirit level ($45). You place the plate between the tripod column base and the head, and use the spirit level to help you position the tripod legs accurately.

While this accessory works great for leveling your tripod, you still need to level the camera with a simple two-axis bubble level that fits into the camera's hot-shoe. The combination will let you pan for a series of panorama shots or video with a horizon that's consistent from one end to the other.

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