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Monday, August 31, 2009

Lightening Landscapes with Water

Many landscape photographers seek out water to make their images more interesting. Moving water in rushing rivers or flowing waterfalls is a surefire way to add some motion to an otherwise static image, usually making for more interesting photographs. But there’s another great reason to add water to your images: it can keep your shots from being too dark. Not just because water, moving water in particular, takes on a lighter tone in long exposures, but also because of water’s reflective quality. Think about it: water is reflective. A calm like in the pre-dawn or post-sunset glow acts like a mirror, reflecting the light of a dimly lit sky, and consequently lighting up the portion of the frame below the horizon. What may normally be dark, unrecognizable landscape is suddenly almost as bright as the sky. Read more about it at Digital Photography School, and check out a few examples along the way.

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