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Monday, July 20, 2009

Image 6 - Sedona and Monument Valley

Sedona and Monument Valley

Photo By Garry Lester
Pro Critique
This is a striking example of dramatic rock and dramatic sky. One small improvement would be to show more detail in the deep shadows of the lower right. In the pre-computer day, balancing the sky with the dark pines and shadows of the foreground might be accomplished with a graduated neutral density filter. Such a filter can still help reduce the amount of after capture adjustment work. Without a grad filter, it’s preferable to choose an exposure that leans towards the clouds, but keeps the shadows as open as possible. That way, in the computer you can “burn” the clouds and “dodge” the shadows to arrive at a pleasing balance that retains as much detail as possible across the image. Rather a few cloud edges blow out a bit than the foreground plugs up.


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