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Thursday, March 1, 2007

In Focus: March 2007

In Focus

Tamron series of four-minute videosTamron Learning Center
Tamron makes learning how to shoot quick and easy by introducing a series of four-minute videos that you can download onto your computer. Hosted by leading photographers, each lesson gives step-by-step instructions on photographing everything from surfing to portraits to macro shots in Central Park. The format is designed to be simple and direct, using a mix of video footage and still photographs to give concrete, visual examples of the content covered in each lesson. Contact: Tamron, (631) 858-8400, www.tamron.com.

Novoflex. Ball 30 and Ball 40Compare Prices Even Heads
Stability combines with precision in the two latest ballheads from Novoflex. Ball 30 and Ball 40 are compact, operate smoothly, and use a knob to lock and unlock the ball. They’re made of corrosion-free materials for a lasting life outdoors. Ball 30 weighs nearly nine ounces and can handle up to 11 pounds. Ball 40 weighs just over a pound and handles up to 22. List Price: TBA. Contact: HP Marketing Corp., (800) 735-4373, www.hpmarketingcorp.com.

PowerEx MH-C9000 WizardOne Battery Charger & Analyzer Fule Provider
Juice up your batteries with the new
PowerEx MH-C9000 WizardOne Battery Charger & Analyzer from Maha. In addition to charging, the handy device conditions, analyzes, cycles, forms and discharges one to four AA or AAA batteries while displaying capacity and voltage. The four slots can be operated in different modes. Other features include 10 selectable charging and discharging currents, four independent temperature sensors and patented termination algorithms. List Price: $69. Contact: Maha Energy, (800) 376-9992, www.mahaenergy.com.

Olympus SP-550 UZBig zoom, Low Price
From landscapes to wildlife, the Olympus SP-550 UZ does it all. This is a compact camera with a zoom that has an amazing range of 28-504mm (35mm equivalent). The 7.1-megapixel camera features an image-stabilization system for capturing crisp, blur-free images, even in low light, by mechanically shifting the image sensor to compensate for camera shake. Other features include high-speed, sequential shooting (up to 15 fps). List Price: $499. Contact: Olympus, (888) 553-4448, www.olympusamerica.com.

Hoodman HoodLoupe ProfessionalOptimal View
Review your shots without glare using the Hoodman HoodLoupe Professional. Just wear it around your neck like a normal loupe, and when you’re ready to review the shot, bring the HoodLoupe up to your LCD and place your eye to the eyecup for glare-free viewing. HoodLoupe has a +/-3 diopter and adjusts focus just like a binocular eyepiece. Minimal magnification is used to eliminate visual pixelation of your image. It fits up to three-inch LCD screens. List Price: $69. Contact: Hoodman, (800) 818-3946, www.hoodmanusa.com.

Secure Digital High Capacity (SDHC) memory cardsGoing SDHC
Toshiba is expanding its new series of Secure Digital High Capacity (SDHC) memory cards to include an 8 GB capacity card. Features include high-speed data writing of at least 4 MBps and up to 6 MBps. Only SDHC-compatible products can accept SDHC cards. List Price: $299. Contact: Toshiba, (800) TOSHIBA, www.chips.toshiba.com.

Hitachi CPX1Lightweight Projector
Present your images with razor-sharp clarity when projecting them on the Hitachi CPX1. Weighing just 3.9 pounds, you can tote the 1024 x 768-resolution projector around with ease, and it has a brightness of 2,000 ANSI lumens. Other useful features include a wide-angle lens (allowing presenters to place the projector close to the screen), low fan noise and a USB connector. It measures 10.8x2.3x8.1 inches. Estimated Street Price: $995. Contact: Hitachi, (800) HITACHI, www.hitachi.us.

Books 'N Such

Books 'N Such

2007 Landscape Calendar by Outdoor Photographer. A stunning collection of exceptional nature images celebrating the beauty of the great outdoors. Plus, get how-to tips for better landscape photos from your digital camera. List Price: $12.95. To order, call (800) 523-3692.

The Flight Deck: Digital Rhythms of Our National Wildlife Refuges
by Jim Jamieson (ImageStream Press, 2005; ISBN: 0-9729126-2-2). Examining four key national wildlife refuges, Jamieson explores the role they play in bird migration and looks at the relationships and behaviors of migrating birds. The book is illustrated with beautiful color photographs and insightful text.

The Essential Wildlife Photography Manual: Successful Digital and Film Techniques for Creative Photography
by Chris Weston (RotoVision SA, 2005; ISBN: 2-88046-808-6). Learn how to take exceptional wildlife shots using this all-inclusive guide, which explores techniques, equipment and other useful topics.

David Kirkland’s 50 Top Tips on Travel Photography
by David Kirkland (www.kirklandphotos.com). In his new e-book, the travel photographer shares many of his secrets behind taking great travel photos and explains the techniques used for more than 50 of his most successful images.

Photographing the Southwest: Volume 1—A guide to the natural landmarks of Southern Utah; Photographing the Southwest: Volume 2—A guide to the natural landmarks of Arizona
by Laurent Martres (Graphie International, 2006; ISBN: 0-916189-12-0, 0-916189-13-9). Hundreds of color photographs showcase the beauty of these locations, with helpful information on the best spots, how to get there and how to shoot them.

Magic Lantern DVD Guides: Nikon D80 and Canon EOS Digital Rebel XTi
(Lark Books, 2006; ISBN: 1-60059-139-6, 1-60059-100-0). These 75-minute interactive videos are shot in high definition and are packed with step-by-step instructions, real-world shooting examples and techniques, plus detailed explanations that show you how to use each of these cameras.


ProtectMyPhotosCompare PricesFile Protection
Don’t lose your photos to a computer crash.
ProtectMyPhotos is an automatic online backup solution—your photo collection is protected because it duplicates your desktop’s filing system. You simply install the application with a one-time wizard setup that automatically and continuously synchronizes all full-resolution digital photos from your PC to two secure data centers. You can view, share and restore photos from anywhere. List Price: $39 (one-year subscription for 40 GB of storage). Contact: ProtectMyPhotos, www.protectmyphotos.com.

Corel Snapfire PlusStay Organized
Start organizing your photos while they’re downloading to your computer with the newly enhanced version of Corel Snapfire Plus. You can download images from the camera sensor to the software program, making organization faster and simpler. Another new highlight is a quick-search function designed to take the work out of managing your growing image library. The software also creates top-notch photo albums, calendars or slideshows. List Price: $39. Contact: Corel, (800) 772-6735, www.corel.com.

Blurb’s BookSmart Beta 1.5 upgradeBook It
Blurb your way to creating professional-looking books. Blurb’s BookSmart Beta 1.5 upgrade is now available, offering new features for making both hardcover and softcover books. With Blurb’s BookSmart software, you can create, publish and share your books by simply dragging and dropping images and text into professionally designed pages. Pricing varies, but a four-color, 40-page, 8x10-inch hardcover costs about $30. Softcover prices start at $18. Contact: Blurb Inc., www.blurb.com.


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