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June 2016


  • Using Selective Focus

    For unique images that highlight your subject’s details, experiment with shallow depth of field

    Attempting to convey our three-dimensional world in a two-dimensional medium creates both challenges and opportunities for photographers.


  • In Focus: June 2016

    Delivering a slightly longer focal length than the RX10 III in a tiny body, the new Sony Cyber-shot HX80 features an image-stabilized 30x zoom with a 35mm-equivalent focal length of 24-720mm.


  • A New Perspective On The Parks

    For unique photo opportunities, leave the signs behind

    Some of them didn’t bother parking at all; they stopped in the middle of the road, leaned out their window and took photos from the car. All were photographing something in the same direction.
  • Everyman’s Alaska

    Exploring the alpine meadows and dramatic vistas of Montana’s Glacier National Park

    Have you ever wanted to photograph Alaska, but didn’t have the time or money to make it happen?
  • The Art Of Making National Parks

    Philip Hyde’s work continues to inspire the conservation of America’s treasures

    My father, Philip Hyde, was the primary photographer for the coffee-table photography book, though 15 other photographers also contributed to it, including names such as Ansel Adams, Martin Litton and David Simons.


  • Celebrating Our National Wildlife Refuges

    For amazing photo opportunities, flock to your nearest wildlife haven

    Do you love wildlife photography, but come up short on ideas for destinations?
  • Happy Birthday, National Parks!

    Preserving the legacy of our public lands for generations to come

    Almost everyone reading this article has at some point visited and photographed one of our spectacular national parks.
  • Light On Wildlife

    The Eyes Have It! • Animals And Flash Photography • How Far Can You Take It? • Sharing A Bunch Of Images

    Eyeshine is a problem when light enters an animal’s dilated eye; the intensity and color depend on the size of the pupil and the anatomy of the eye.
  • Turkey Creek Falls

    New River Gorge National River, West Virginia

    The New River slashes through southern West Virginia, cutting the deepest and longest river gorge in Appalachia.

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