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July 2015


  • HDR The Easy Way

    Learn to make use of this increasingly mainstream technology without losing the soul of your images

    We've all heard the sales pitch: High-dynamic-range imaging has solved photography's last great problem, creating beautiful, realistic photographs of high-contrast scenes.


  • In Focus: July 2015

    Ricoh Imaging has introduced the Pentax K-3 II camera. The K-3 II shares the K-3's dustproof and weather-resistant magnesium-alloy casing and metal chassis, as well as the 24.35-effective-megapixel resolution, 27-point AF system and 8.3 fps shooting speed.
  • Max Mirrorless

    With advanced sensors and processors, top-shelf image quality and a cool factor that makes DSLRs seem clunky, the best mirrorless cameras available today might inspire you to make a change

    Mirrorless interchangeable-lens cameras came into being because many felt that DSLRs were too bulky to carry around much of the time.


  • Assignments: July 2015

    For this special National Parks issue, we're featuring some of the best submissions to our recent National Parks Assignment.
  • National Parks Pro Guide

    Tips and insights on where to go inside some of our most popular national parks

    The national parks are a treasure trove of wilderness, habitat and scenic beauty, but most visitors never venture more than 100 feet from the roads or parking areas.


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