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March 2015


  • 7 Deadly Compositional Sins

    Forget about adhering to the rules of composition and instead focus on staying clear of the pitfalls of a particular scene or situation

    Most of us have heard of the "rules" of composition, but how many of us have ever contemplated the "sins" of composition?
  • Guiding Vision

    Ansel Adams was guided by an overarching vision for all of his photography. We look at his approach and how you can apply it to your own work.

    Adams developed an interest in and an appreciation for nature at a young age while growing up in San Francisco in the early 1900s.
  • Sharp & Rich

    As a digital photographer, you can learn a lot from Ansel Adams. Choose the right gear and emulate the attention to detail that Adams devoted to his craft to get your best possible landscape photos.

    Ansel Adams and Group f/64 were synonymous with image quality, sharpness and detail.


  • Gadget Bag: Landscape Tripods

    The essential accessory for your sharpest, most highly detailed scenic images

    There's no piece of gear that will do more to help you get sharp photos than a tripod.
  • Go Old School

    For anyone enamored of a film look or the analog capture process, we examine how you can build a large-format, film-based outfit today

    While most photography today is done digitally, there's still something to be said for large-format film.
  • In Focus: March 2015

    Nikon has introduced the next DX-format DSLR to their lineup.


  • Assignments: March 2015

    Winning Images From The Weekly Assignments At outdoorphotographer.com

    Congratulations to Kevin King, Harry Lichtman and Kevin Russell for their winning submissions.
  • Behind The Shot: A Picture...50 Years In The Making

    The year was 1964, and Ansel Adams was seated directly across from me at the dining table.
  • Sol Duc Springs, Olympic National Park, Washington

    Sol Duc Valley is located inside Olympic National Park, Washington State.
  • Taken By Storm

    Inspired by Ansel Adams’ grand landscapes and bold use of weather, Mitch Dobrowner blends traditional black-and-white skills with digital tools and an affinity for finding the most dramatic weather on earth

    In an age when black-and-white landscape photography is too often considered anachronistic, photographer Mitch Dobrowner literally never wavers from his monochromatic view of the world, as he makes images literally unlike any that have come before.
  • The Big Sky

    Legendary landscape master David Muench traded a 4x5 for compact digital cameras for his most recent expeditions in Montana and his exploration of Big Sky Country

    The Montana skies that entrance most people are David Muench's daily fare.


  • Variations On A Theme

    Sometimes, your first inclination isn’t the only possibility

    The art of photography is about interpretation. What's right and what's wrong?
  • What’s The Best?

    Lens Selection: Con$umer Or Profe$$ional? • Confidence In Your Equipment • Investing In Quality Printing

    We all want the sharpest optics possible, but what do you need, and more importantly, what can you afford?

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