By Mike Wiley

Eklutna Lake

Nearest Area
Glenn Highway
Eagle River
Brief Directions

From Anchorage, take the Glenn Highway North to Wasilla. From there, take the Eklutna Lake exit. After a 20 minute drive through beautiful forests, you arrive.


Eklutna Lake, because of its close proximity to Anchorage (30 minutes), is a photographers dream. The lake itself is surrounded by dramatic peaks and lush forests. There are plenty of options for shooting depending on the light. Dramatic sunset light creates beautiful mountain reflections and sweeping vistas. When it’s cloudy, there are plenty of opportunities for marco photography of abundant flowers or lush forest scenes. Each season has it’s own special allure. In the winter, the landscape transforms into a winter postcard. The shorter days in Alaska are conducive for all day photography with great light. Plus, the crowds have dwindled and you’ll probably have the place to yourself, besides the occasional moose. In the summer, the area is blooming with lush green forests and abundant flowers. The endless trail system allows for infinite perspectives. In autumn, the area glows in color as trees turn bright yellow and the forest floor turns red. If you go, bring plenty of layers and most importantly, plenty of memory cards.

Date Added
March 16, 2009
Date Taken
January 1, 1970

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