By Edward Mendes

Clearing Storm Over Yosemite Valley

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Yosemite Valley
Brief Directions

This is a very easy and classic view to get to within Yosemite. Simply take the Hwy 41 turnoff towards Bridal Vail Falls and Glacier Point. Just up the road you'll see a tunnel and a parking lot on either side of it's entrance.


I made my annual spring trip to Yosemite in search of blooming Dogwoods and instead was greeted by a rain storm. Towards the end of the day I made my way to one of my favorite views of the valley in the hopes that the clouds would break. My prayers were answered in a very colorful and dramatic way as the setting sun put on a very impressive but short display of color.


Tunnel view is one of the classic Yosemite sights but one that as a photographer you have to have for yourself.

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