By Samantha Lyn Samuelson

Fine Art

Equipment Info
Nearest Area
Southwest Four Corners
Ames, Colorado

Fall in The San Juan Mountains is a glorious display of textures and colors. On my E-V 5 Olympus body with a wide angle lens, I used my graduated neutral density filter in a vertical mode while formatting image horizontally, thus using the clear side of the filter on the right hand side of the image to highlight the wonderful colors and whites of the aspens bark and leaves, while creating a sky a mystical baby blue on the right hand side of the frame. Then also, creating a deep color blue sky, more true to form on the left side of the photo. A small patch of native grasses serves to ground the image on the lower right hand corner. In contrast, the upper left hand corner belongs to the infinity of the blue sky. The depth and variety of colors give a most unique color that really reflects Colorado in The Fall in The Mountains. Uncompahgre National Forest.

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