By Tom Mckelvey

Kohala Coast 3

Equipment Info
Nearest Area
North Kohala

Edit: I'm not sure what I'm doing wrong when I resize images for submission but my originals are much sharper. PS: The water really was that blue, the range of the shades of blue were simply amazing and the pictures fall short of doing the scene justice.


1/2500 sec. @ f5, ISO 800, 14mm. Shot at 14mm but cropped to remove helicopter blade. Shot in the early morning from a helicopter along the Kohala Coast on the "Big Island". I wanted to be prepared so I brought a full arsenal of gear along for the ride. I had a D800 with a 14-24mm, a D300s with a 24-70mm, a Canon S95 point and shoot plus a Go Pro HD2. The doors were off and the temperature was 70 degrees on the ground so I knew it would be a little brisk once we got in the air. I felt kind of like a one armed juggler in a straight jacket with a all my gear over a rain parker and a four point harness. Our mission for the morning was to capture Waipio Valley in some good morning light. I have tried to capture the valley in good light multiple times from the ground without success so I was full of anticipation to see what this morning would bring. The forecast looked good but once again it was not to be as we found the valley shrouded in low clouds. Our next target was the coastline northwest of the valley which was bathed in good morning light along with some shadows of the clouds to the southeast. An added bonus was that the rain from the night before gave us good flow over the many waterfalls along the coast and in the valleys. I can only hope to be lucky enough to return to this spectacular location again.

Date Added
June 3, 2013
Date Taken
March 6, 2013

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