By Kevin Sees

Alley Mill And Spring

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Ozark National Scenic Riverways
Brief Directions

Three hours southwest of St. Louis, MO; two hours east of Springfield, MO; On Highway 19 44 miles south of Salem, MO.


Alley Spring is located at the foot of a picturesque limestone bluff. The beautiful red Alley Mill is located on its bank, utilizing its perennial flow of water to operate its turbine powered flour mills. The spring has an average daily flow of 81 million gallons of placid azure blue water. The spring basin is funnel-shaped with a depth of 32 feet. Tiny snails and colorful minnows live among clusters of tangy watercress. A short hiking trail around the spring displays a lush abundance of life. Slick rock walls are adorned with hanging gardens of columbine and lush ferns. These fragile yet hardy beauties thrive in small pockets of soil amid the cracks and crevices of limestone rock. Mink, muskrat, and banded water snakes may also be seen swimming in the spring. Swallows nest among the bluffs in the warmer months and eagles may be seen soaring during the winter.

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