By Geralyn Sugdinis Montambault

Lake Chocorua Bridge

Equipment Info
Nearest Area
The White Mountains Region
Brief Directions

Located in Tamworth NH which is about 20 miles south of Conway right on Rte. 16 which if you follow this route thru Conway it will bring you right to Mt Washington.


Lake Chocorua Bridge located in Tamworth New Hampshire. Mount Chocorua is located in the background of this picture. It is one of the most famous mountains in New England and the most hiked too! This picture was taken in Mid October at sunrise. The fog was rising off the water and the sun was shinning in from the side. That is what made this picture and colors pop! My husband was sitting in the van waiting to go to breakfast and could not understand why I was out in the cold. When we got home and he saw this he then understood.

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