By John Collins

Milky Way Over El Paso

Equipment Info
Nearest Area
White Sands Missile Range
La Cruces NM
Brief Directions

Aguiree Springs Google it!


Mostly cloudy until about midnight then at around 3:30 AM it cleared up beautifully. I shot this and about 30 more shots while I was imaging the Whirlpool Galaxy M51 with my Astrotech RC telescope with an Orion Sstarshoot camera. If interested I will post that result also.


Shot this as 30 sec exposure F5, and ISO 1600. Looking South from the Aguirre Springs Campgrand towards El Paso/Juarez metro area where approximately 3,000,000 people live. Noticed the contrast between the Milky Way and the incoming thin clouds. The photo shows diffenence in color contrast from the dirty yellow of Sodium Vapor street lights to the pure white light of the averaged stars in the outer arm of our own galaxy. Shot was take from the BLM Aguirre Springs Campground just East of Las Cruces NM.

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