By Levi Vanmeter

Wizards Breath

Equipment Info
Nearest Area
Crater Lake N.P.
Brief Directions

medford to crater lake hwy... then hike along rim.


When i sent it in to a shop to get it scanned and blown up into a 24X36 print the tech photoshoped the plume out thinking he put a finger print or something on negative... he was worried he messed up integrity of negative... I laughed and had him redo the print minus photoshop.


During a snowshoe along the crater rim patiently searching for perfect shot with water glassed over i was shooting color slide. I noticed a steam plume forming from atop wizard island. I quickly switched to Ilford b/w iso 100 to capture this event in timeless b/w film. The Plume came from melting snow hitting the sun heated basalt on this 70 deg. day. the event lasted 10 - 20 minutes of awe.

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