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The Dickens Preserve

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The Dickens Preserve
New Shoreham
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This trip requires a ferry ride from New London, CT, or Point Judith, RI, or Newport, RI and arrival in Old Harbor. Or take the Montauck ferry from Long Island, NY. Local taxis can take you to the Dicken's Preserve down Dickens Road. Walking trails cover the region, including the Elizabeth Dickens Trail connecting Dickens Road to the southwest bluffs of the island.


There is a debate about the best time to visit Block Island, the small isolated island located 13 miles south off the coast of Rhode Island. In summer it's population swells and it becomes a bustling tourist location, but in autumn the town quiets, the days are still warm, and the entire atmosphere changes. Here on the Dickens Preserve, 120 acres of preserved meadow and historic farmland, the golden rod bloom changes the entire landscape to one of beautiful golden wonder. Hopefully you're not allergic to this late summer bloomer, but it's well worth the trip to see the rolling hills covered in a brilliant yellow. Walk to the bluff for a panoramic view of the ocean and crashing waves, or wander through the meadow fields for a breathtaking view of meadow grasses and the occasional deer.

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October 22, 2013
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October 22, 2013

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