By Lucas Leuzinger

Giant Anteater In The Pantanal

Equipment Info
Nearest Area
Fazenda Barranco Alto
Brief Directions

From São Paulo you take a domestic flight to Campo Grande, capital of Mato Grosso do Sul state, from ther you either drive (6h) or fly(1h) into the Pantanal.


Best times to visit and photograph are between May and August.


The name Pantanal suggests a swamp area yet this is a low lying sedimentary plain which floods annually. The greater part of this ecological paradise belongs to Brazil, with a surface area of about 140,000 km2. The Paraguay River traverses the plain from north to south and is the only outflow of the entire area. Precipitation in the region amounts to 1200 mm annually in average. The Paraguay River and its tributaries, like the Rio Negro, overflow their banks each year, causing flooding over widespread areas of the plain. Through the sediments of the floods, the earth is made fruitful. Within the heart of this paradise, you will find the Fazenda Barranco Alto, a traditional cattle ranch with it´s unique Eco Lodge, offering you a lifetime experience. You will have amazing wildlife and bird watching opportunities, along with a cozy stay and superb food.

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