By Nicholas Parker

In Hot Pursuit

Equipment Info
Canon Canon EOS 5D Mark III
Nearest Area
Yellowstone National Park

There’s much to be learned when it comes to wildlife photography. How an animal moves, reacts and interacts with its environment. How the sun colors a landscape, shadows give rich depth to a forest and rain saturates even the most neutral pallet. I’ve learned that the right images aren’t found but created, with patience and an observant eye. Being observant and patient waiting for the right moment where the landscape, lighting, shadows, color and animal come together to create something uniquely stunning. For this image, I did exactly that. Waited and observed, patiently. I saw the beautiful color of the Alpine Fir tree set so deeply and richly in color by the morning snowfall melted away by the afternoon sun. The lines of the trees so perfectly composed that their peaks paralleled that of a mountain. Off in the distance was a gorgeous Red-tailed Hawk waiting for the perfect peak to land on. After scouring the ground for roughly thirty minutes or so, he made his move for the targeted field mouse. I just so happened to be in his direct line of sight and captured this image of his eyes piercing directly through my lens. This image is a product of patience and understanding of my environment around me.

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