By Abe Blair

Stone Men

Equipment Info
Nearest Area
Devils Garden
Brief Directions

12 miles south of Escalante on Hole in the rock RD.


This was my first time in the Devils Garden area and shooting the 617 format camera. There was a storm rolling in and with it the wind. I had to hide the camera behind me and and a tree while holding the tripod down to prevent camera shake in the 20+ mph wind gusts. Very glad that 1 out of the 4 frames was sharp and well exposed.


Four Hoodoos in Devils Garden watching a spring sunset. These rocks or "hoodoos" almost have a human quality with there shape and arrangement in the desert south of Escalante,UT. Shot with a Fuji G617 and Velvia 50 the sky painted itself nicely for the 6 second exposure needed.

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