By Vern Bartley

Cottonwood Spirit

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Nearest Area
The Burr Trail
Brief Directions

East of Boulder, Utah along the Burr Trail in a side slot canyon.


I had been in such a rush to "get the image" of the tree, as it quickly moved into the shadow of the canyon wall, that I simply did not see the Indians profile on image left. It was a complete surprise to me when I processed the days images later that evening. I have since gone back to the site and even then had some difficulty finding the, Just Right location, to re-view the scene. This image is only possible in the full color of fall if one wants the full pallet of colors. The Spirit of the area seemed to be embodied in this single image.


Late morning light moves across the slot canyon running off Long Canyon in Southern Utah. The Fall colors exploded on an ancient Cottonwood tree when the sun backlit the tree within the neck of the canyon. The Indian profile silhouette emerged from the canyon wall as I set up my composition adding a new meaning to this unique area.

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