By Peter Coskun

Sour Grape Sunrise

Equipment Info
Canon Canon EOS 7D
Nearest Area
Paradise visitors center

Mount Rainier National Park is by far the most beautiful I have visited so far. During the summer months, visitors flock to the volcanic mountain in hopes of seeing carpets of colorful wildflowers. During my short visit, I was hoping the mountain would at least show itself as it was shrouded in fog the previous day. Upon arrival early in the morning I had a fear that I would not see the mountain on my trip. It was completely fogged in, yet the clouds surrounding the mountain were beginning to break. I decided to hike along the trails anyways and hope for something to happen. I was in search of a nice grouping of wildflowers. Although I was there quite early for peak bloom, I was able to find this lupine meadow that would have the mountain peak over if the fog lifted. Sure enough, the fog lifted and the light broke through in an unusual pink and purple hue that complimented the lupines nicely. I felt very lucky that I was able to see this mountain in such a beautiful atmospheric setting.

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