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Zabriskie Point Sunrise
Photo By Steve Perry

  • Title: Zabriskie Point Sunrise
  • State/Province/Region: California
  • Country: United States
  • Description: Zabriski Point is one of the “must see” spots in Death Valley – and to say it’s over-photographed is like saying fish are a “little” damp. Each morning, there’s an entire battalion of photographers shoulder to shoulder taking the “normal” viewpoint. And hey – that’s a cool view… BUT… I wanted to try something different. So I decide instead of the normal front view, I’d climb the ridge to the side and see how that goes. Now, there really isn’t a “trail” going up the side of this – mostly just a steep drop off on one or both sides with a path that’s often less than a foot wide. One wrong step and it’s a very unpleasant (and possibly final) ride to the bottom of the canyon. It’s also fairly steep and I can tell you from taking this photo that you’re probably best NOT to try it in the dim pre-dawn light as I did. Oh, did I mention the rocks like to roll out from under your feet too? Maybe there’s a reason why I was alone that morning on the ridge, LOL. However intense, the hike up was well worth it. I LOVE the way this looks from the side – especially with the sunlight just tickling the landscape. To say I was excited when I saw this come to life is an epic understatement! I hope you enjoy it too!
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Keywords:  Deserts
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