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Beneath Low Tide
Photo By Patricia Sheley

  • Title: Beneath Low Tide
  • State/Province/Region: Rhode Island
  • Country: United States
  • Nearest Area: Beavertail Point
  • Nearest Town: Jamestown
  • Description: One of the rewards of visiting and revisiting a location often and in all lights, weather and seasons is the intimate relationship which develops over time. You bring your history and the location offers its own. Devoting long savouring time with each other the secrets of both begin to reveal more of themselves for consideration and understanding. This day provided a sub low tide, at an hour that would lead in the late day to good side light illuminating caves and crevasses most often under water. As I was studying the ropes of milky quartz and their paths into the returning sea I was hearing behind me the steady dripping of winter's subterranean remains, fresh water to the sea. I kept checking back as the sun moved lower, and for a few moments the light made it's way to the source. The combined adjustment of a CP and ND managed to hold back just enough of the burn to capture a trail of the steady dripping...the ocean breeze curling the trail toward the steadier flow. Spending time through the close-up lens provided a fresh appreciation of this usually hidden change of seasons.
  • Gear: Kirk rail, Arca ball head, multiple quick releases on tripod, wetsuit pants/boots
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