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Snowy Owl
Photo By Tom Ramsey

  • Title: Snowy Owl
  • State/Province/Region: Ohio
  • Country: United States
  • Nearest Area: Paulding County
  • Nearest Town: Paulding
  • Brief Directions: This was in Paulding County, Ohio, but I don't believe these owls are regular visitors.
  • Best Season: Spring
  • Description: This Winter a pair of snowy owls made it all the way south to Northwest Ohio. These owls had been spotted in the area for a few weeks when I had the opportunity to head up and try to find them. Before I left home I saw an internet posting that one was spotted that morning. I got as map and took off for the hour drive, knowing it could bear nothing. When we got closer to the destination we hit dense fog and wondered if we would see anything. As we got closer the fog lifted some, but it stayed overcast. Once I got to the section of road it was spotted on it did not take long to find. A large white bird stands out pretty well in winter fields. There were tow owls, one would fly to where the other was and then that one would take off. We chased them around about a two mile area, they actually stayed withing a couple hundred yards of the road. When the pictued owl landed in the young winter wheat with the nice straight long rows, I knew that was the shot I wanted.
  • Gear: Pentax K-30 & DA55-300
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Keywords:  GreenLandscapesSeasonsWildlife
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