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Aurora Chasers
Photo By Nitin Kansal

  • Title: Aurora Chasers
  • State/Province/Region: Washington
  • Country: United States
  • Nearest Area: Wild horse monument
  • Nearest Town: Ellensburg
  • Best Season: Summer
  • Description: A rare opportunity (or not so due to 3-4 in last month) to see aurora in washington from this friday night. I was following the aurora alerts all day and how it was going strong but climates around mountains in WA looking north were not very supporting. Initially i decided to go Sunrise but before leaving home, i thought wait it's not going to be towards North so i left idea of going.. 30 mins later i saw another alert of kp=7.33 in 51 minutes and i was like i can't miss this opportunity... and called up my friends and left messages to some friends about it.. and left home with my wife and another friend in no more than 10 mins.. After 2 hours drive i reached this vantage point where we were all excited to see activity but moon light was too strong and kp was down around 5 so camera was able to catch it but not our eyes.. We decided to roam around to find better vantage points where horses were more towards north and decided to park and waited... around 2:30 suddenly we saw big spark in sky!! and i swear i forgot to take picture and starting jumping like kids... thanks to my friend who shouted "Nitin... Pictures..." and we quickly ran towards camera and i started taking pictures... After missing these activites last 3 times and came home empty handed , i was very happy to see them and came home with this beautiful picture. Hence i name it "Aurora Chasers".
  • Gear: Nikon D800, Nikon 24-120mm F4, Gitzo Series 3 tripod and Arca-tech GPs
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