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Earth's Prayer To The Heavens
Photo By Kelly Davenport

  • Title: Earth's Prayer To The Heavens
  • State/Province/Region: Utah
  • Country: United States
  • Nearest Area: Arches National Park
  • Nearest Town: Moab
  • Best Season: Spring
  • Description: I shot this image of Delicate Arch at Arches National Park in Utah in May 2013 during a night photography workshop. The hike up to Delicate Arch to photograph the sandstone natural wonder against the night sky was a personal triumph and a spiritual journey for me. It's hard to believe that a year before my trip I spent six months on crutches and in physical therapy after surgery on my left knee. Under the darkness, I am awestruck, when my instructor Brad Goldpaint paints Delicate Arch with a flashlight. The arch resembles the hands of the Earth in prayer to the heavens. It is the most remarkable thing I have ever seen. The 46 foot-high arch perched at an elevation of approximately 4,800 feet looks tiny compared to the massive night sky. Seeing hundreds of stars, as well as meteors, iridium flares, a phenomenon caused when an orbiting satellite reflects sunlight back to the Earth and flashes of lightning over and behind Delicate Arch took me back to my childhood and the bewilderment I had with the night sky. I want my viewers to share my experience - sitting under the expansive sky soaking in the stars, meteors, iridium flares, and lightning and a storm in the distance. Brad light paints the arch for our group of six. Besides flashlights and headlamps there are no other lights up on the slickrock.
  • Gear: Nikon D600, Nikkor 14 to 24 f/2.8, tripod, Phottix Wireless Digital Timer
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