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Mingus Mill In Fall
Photo By Steve Perry

  • Title: Mingus Mill In Fall
  • State/Province/Region: North Carolina
  • Country: United States
  • Best Season: Autumn
  • Description: This was captured early one morning at Mingus Mill in the Smoky Mountains. The mill is totally operational and you can actually buy flour and such directly from ‘em. Of course, I wasn’t there to bake a cake. So, I hunted around for a good spot for a photo. As I was strolling along, I noticed the little bridge that went over the raceway (I think that’s what the water trough is called) that feed the mill. One look down the length of that thing was all it took to convince me to setup the tripod and pop off a few shots. I really wanted a smooth, silky look for the water, so I setup for a LONG exposure – this was actually 6 seconds long! So, I had to keep still on the bridge, but, more important, I needed to keep my then 8 year old son still on the bridge. Let’s just say the shot you see here wasn’t done on the first snap… Oh, and then we had to wait till the tourists either stepped out of the frame or into the mill. Oh, and did I mention there was another group of photographers that saw what I was doing and wanted this shot too? So, yeah, not quite as tranquil as the photo shows, but that’s OK – we had a blast doing it and I’m thrilled with how the shot turned out.
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