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Slot Canyons

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An excellent photograph
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A good exposure helps bring
out the texture in...more »

This is really a wonderfully
conceived and...more »

We don’t see many slot
canyon shots with a...more »

This is another beautiful
rendition of Antelope...more »

All around this is a magnificent
shot. There’s detail...more »

The slot canyons of the desert southwest have been a favorite subject of Outdoor Photographer readers for as long as the magazine has existed. The rich colors and textures are dazzling to see and they make for dramatic photographs. There’s a special sense of place in the slots canyons. They are unique and they can actually be very dangerous places where late summer rains can bring flash floods with little or no warning. When you take the appropriate precautions, exploring the slot canyons can be an incredible experience.

Shooting in the slot canyons is challenging. You’re usually working in shadows, but where beams of sunlight come through, it’s very bright. The range can far exceed what your camera can record. Also, because you want to capture the subtle texture on the stone walls, keeping noise to a minimum is important. You want to be sure to use a tripod to hold your camera rock-steady and select a low ISO (ISO 200 on most digital cameras will do nicely).