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Canyon Light

Photo By Sean Strait
Pro Critique
In slot canyons, the light that streams in and bounces around chamber of rock picks up the color of the rock. Here, the exposure from deep shadows to the light source above is impossible for sensors to handle as well as the human eye. It’s helpful to use composition to crop out as much of the white-hot light as possible as there is not way to compensate with balanced exposure.

Lightroom 2 Tip
Cut Haze With Clarity
The Clarity slider is often referred to as a sharpening tool, and in many ways it's similar. You can think of Clarity as applying a sharpening effect, but with contrast being added across a larger area than would be the case with normal sharpening. The result is to cut down on haze in the image, which can have a dramatic effect. When increasing the value for Clarity, pay attention to the image at a close zoom setting to ensure you aren’t adding obvious "glowing edges" in the image (similar to halos when oversharpening, but larger and more subtle). Just remember, Clarity can have a dramatic effect on your image, but it isn't a replacement for sharpening.

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  1. Yes, the contrast here is quite extreme. A different time of day with the sun at different angle is an option, of sorts. Of course you need flexible time schedule to get there earlier or later! I've never photographed these canyons before - but hoe to - but have seen many beautiful captures.

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