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Delicate Arch

Photo By Michael Hare
Pro Critique
This is common portrait of Delicate Arch. It’s the one that everyone has to take when they see the natural monument for the first time. A similar version graced our most recent magazine cover, only with the insertion of a moon a more intimate perspective. In this photo, the color of the rock is nicely reproduced, but the overly blue sky seems unrealistic.

Lightroom 2 Tip
Reach For Vibrance Before Saturation
Photographic images with good saturation have an almost universal appeal, but many photographers have a tendency to apply too much saturation, resulting in an image that looks artificial. The Vibrance control can produce a much more pleasing result with much less risk of overdoing things. Vibrance produces the same basic effect of Saturation, making colors purer and thus vibrant. The big difference with Vibrance is that it brings up the saturation of colors in the image that aren't highly saturated first, having less of an effect on colors that already are saturated. As a result, you can boost the perceived saturation in the image without creating an artificial result. It's an amazing tool for everything from landscapes to portraits, and everything in between. After using it, you'll be a fan of Vibrance and might just abandon Saturation altogether.

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